How to Get IPTV Stalker Working Again

IPTV Stalker is one of the most popular IPTV services with numerous IPTV channels. However, there may be times when you experience difficulties getting the service to work. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks you can use to get IPTV Stalker working again.


IPTV Stalker is a popular service that many people use to watch TV on their devices. However, like any software, IPTV Stalker can experience downtime or other technical issues. Here are some tips to get this service working again if you’re experiencing issues.

Check Your Internet Connection

Before assuming IPTV Stalker is at fault, you should first check your internet connection. Slow internet or inconsistent connection can cause IPTV streaming issues. To check your internet speed, navigate to on a device connected to the same network as your IPTV box. If your speeds are too slow, consider upgrading your internet package from your internet service provider. If your internet speed is okay, and you are still experiencing problems with IPTV Stalker, reset your router and modem, and try again.

Close and Re-open IPTV Stalker

One of the simplest tricks to fix IPTV Stalker is to close it entirely and reopen it. To close IPTV Stalker, navigate to your Android TV taskbar, click on “recent”, locate the app and swipe it left or right to close it entirely. Reopen the app and see if it works. You can also try to restart your IPTV box, and perform the same action.

Clear Cache and Data

Another method to fix IPTV Stalker is clearing the app’s cache and data. Locate IPTV Stalker on your screen, hold down the “OK” button or the “Select” button (depending on the remote), click on “Open,” navigate to “Settings,” then click on “Apps.” Find IPTV Stalker from the list and click on it. Click on “Clear Data,” then “Clear Cache.” Restart IPTV Stalker and see if it works.

Check IPTV Stalker Servers

Another common IPTV Stalker issue is server downtime. You can check if the servers are functional by navigating to – the official website of IPTV Stalker – and from there, navigate to “Server Status.” If the service experiences downtime, follow the official Twitter handle for IPTV Stalker, where they will post any updates regarding server maintenance.

Contact IPTV Stalker Support

If all fails, consider contacting IPTV Stalker support. On the IPTV Stalker website, click on “support” and fill out the form. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] and describe the issue you’re experiencing. IPTV Stalker support usually responds within two business days.


IPTV Stalker is an excellent IPTV service for people looking to watch Television on their device’s. However, like any software, it may experience downtime or other technical issues. If you’re experiencing issues with IPTV Stalker, first check your internet connection. If that’s not the issue, try closing and reopening IPTV Stalker, clear the app’s cache and data, and check the server status from the official IPTV Stalker website. If the issue persists – feel free to contact their support.

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